True Building Solutions provides tailored building product packages to clients who are looking for consistency in quality of materials and brand presence across multiple locations. Our trained experts assess your needs and simplify the process for your new build, renovation, or retrofit project. Project after project, TBS ensures that the integrity of your brand image is maintained.

Through a consultative process, our team works with our customers to build the product package that is right for you. TBS is able to source, supply and warehouse the materials that fit the branding guidelines and market image our customers are looking to maintain throughout all of their buildings.

tabletop cluttered with laptop, blueprints, yellow hardhat and some tools.


One Point of Contact
When you entrust the supply of materials to the TBS team, we are able to eliminate the multiple steps and numerous points of contact that are involved in this otherwise cumbersome and often frustrating endeavor. At TBS you will be working with one firm and one team that is assigned directly to your project in order to make sure the process is smooth from start to finish. TBS will procure, pack and track your deliveries directly to your jobsite and ensure that all project and product details are entered into our system for warranty support and issues that may arise during and after the completion of your project.

view of architecturally unique stairwell from the top


TBS is here to work with your team to make certain that your brand image and the integrity of the products used are maintained and consistent no matter the location. TBS works with leading manufacturers to bring the latest innovations and technology to fit your brand.
As the need for sustainable construction solutions grows, let TBS push your brand and your buildings toward attaining your environmental goals sooner. By sourcing and supporting many of the latest innovations in both energy efficiency and environmentally-friendly finishes, TBS will be your partner in helping your brand fulfill its sustainable commitments to the communities you work in, the individuals you employ, and the customers you serve.

finger on the top of domino-type tile which stops the falling tiles. The tile reads RELIABILITY.


With over 40 years as a corporation and multiple warehouses to serve you, let TBS stock and inventory the products that are specific and unique to your brand and building type. Through our commitment to inventory and with our involvement in your project, TBS will ensure you experience no delays. Our firm commitment to stock and hold our pricing means a confidence that your budget will be maintained. TBS will ensure your specifications are met and that a bespoke solution is provided in order to meet the needs and design specifications set forth in your plans and branding guidelines.

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TBS will deliver your Brand, On time, Every time.
We want to partner with you on your construction projects for the next 20+ years, so wherever your construction pain points are, we will provide you a customized solution to fit your needs.
You can count on us to keep track of details, provide quality materials, save you time and achieve effective and consistent results.